Site Map

  • Home: The Front page of the site through which we can navigate to other pages.
  • About Us: Administrator information will be available here.
  • Srirangam: This is main page for Srirangam where we can see some articles about srirangam.
  • Gallery: Daily Events will be updated as slide show.
  • Anybody Knows: Rare pictures related to srirangam will be displayed.
  • Boarding & Lodging: Useful information about Boarding and Lodging at Srirangam.
  • Sri Ramanuja Vaibhavam:  History of Sri Ramanuja – written by Sri R.V.Swamy – Translation by Sri S.Raja Desikan.
  • Event today: This is page will be updated with Events that happened recently. Visit this page for new Updates.
  • ThiruNakshtram: Article about Azhwar acharyars life style and important information will be published on their Thirunakshathram.
  • Mantras: This page will be containing Mantras and their meanings.\
  • Titbits:  Selected articles written by the web-viewers will be published here.
  • Related Links: This page will be listing all the Srivaishnava website links.
  • Energizers: Here listed people’s valuable suggestions and feed back about this site.
  • Site Map: This page will help you to know this site well and get resources easily.
  • Archive: The old Event Galleries, Thirunakshathram and other Blogs will be available here.Don’t miss it.

One comment on “Site Map

  1. Dear Ones,

    Namaste. Where one can get printed books and pdfs on Vaikhanasa agamas?

    As per the Vaikanasa Agamas what rituals have to be performed in Vaishnava temples? How to energize the idols in Vaishnava temples because thousands of temples lost their glory, how to revive them?

    What vedic chanting one has to recite every day in such incomeless temples?
    i.e. Veda .. kanda etc.

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