Here are the Energizers who are energizing this Web-site…

14th JUNE 2007

Dear Muralibhattar Indeed your website is excellent. I am going through the site every day. Kdly keep going. thanks. R RAMAN/BHEL PSSR CHENNAI-35

16th JUNE 2007

adiyen dasanudasan.

devareeer website enlightening this world like nothing.

adiyen ramanuja dasan

peria nambi balaji.

Dear Sri Murali Bhattar

I am at New York and moderate the Oppiliappan, SaraNAgathy, Malolan and Raama Bhakthi groups . I am delighted to browse thru your beautifully crafted Web site . Hearty congratulations ! It is clear that great inouts will be housed in this web site . I am also the Editor of Sundara Simham and Ahobilavalli web sites , where Sri GuNa Ratna Kosam , Bhagavath DhyAna sOpAnam , Sri RanganAtha PaadhukA Sahasram et al . You are welcome to browse these source granthams about the Srirangam Dhivya Dampathis and AzhwAr Paasurams , which are gettign ready for release . Are You at the Srirangam Temple itself ? NamO Sri RanganAthAya , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan http://www.sundarasimham.org http://www.ibiblio.org/Sadagopan/ahobilavalli

29th Mar’2007

hello swami….

adiyen parasara renganatha bhattar,son of thiruvengada bhattar(koorathazhwan sannidhi)…iam using your website past one week swami…its wonderful…thanks for everything… oru vinnapam…put all panguni uthram special photos in photolink…it would be easy 2 download and i will get the full image…once again i thank u…bye

Tue, 10 Apr 2007

srimathe ramanujaya nama:
sri murali bhattar swamin!
adiyen badribhattar dasan seyum vinapme.
Adiyen could see nothing other than real panguni tirunal in devareer website. Words are not available to describe the whole web photos. Really it is a parama pavitramana pankajam at the lotus feet of our rangan!
Moreover, adiyen received great appreciations from so many disciples all over the world about the blossoming of our sri ranga pankajam.
Poliga! poliga! poliga! is our praratanai at the pankajamana feet of ranga.
Parasara Badri Bhattar

13th April’ 2007

No Subject,  No predicate, but with sole object

Sriman Battacharya Swamy The word ” wonderful” is NOT sufficient, when I see the web-site Pl include this e-mail address also in your mailing list Dasan


Uruppattur Soundararajan Srikainkarya

29th Mar’ 07

No words to appreciate “Sri Ranga Pankajam”
Dear sriman Murali Bhattar Swamin I am extreamly happy & thankful to you for blessing me to have the darshan of Sri Nam Perumal with the Serthi Sevai at Urayur on the very same day and time. (mid night 12.30)Today 29th March 07 is the day Namperumal visit Urayur. Having completed 1001 Sri Sudarsana Yagnas ( began at Srirangam in 1998) I am on visit to Srirangam for the Panguni Uttram Mahotsavam and before leaving I got the link to Sri Ranga Pankajam and had the Darshan of Nam perumal even before I leave for Sri Rangam I congratulate you and glad to always remain one of the ‘energizers’of your site. Sri Ranganatho Jayatu ! Sriranga Sreescha Vardhataam !! Dasan

S.Venkatesa Iyengar,

Sri Sudarsana Yagna Samiti,

Bangalore. Cell : (0)9845029968

29th Mar;2007

Dear Sri RanganAtha bhakthAs,
it’s delight to see the pictures taken during Adi-Brahmotsavam at Sri
Rangam. We were indebted to Sriman Murali Bhattar Swamin for his wonderful kainkaryam in bringing the event very close to one and all. Adiyen prays to Lord Sri RanganAthar to bring prosperous to everyone.

29th Mar 2007



Dear Sriman Murali Bhattar :

Sri Ranganatha Krupai is flowing abundantly towards us thru Your untiring efforts .

You are indeed a Sathputhran of  the dhivya dampathis immersing all of us
in the flood of anubhavam that is the exclusive domain of Azhwars and AchAryAs .
Your kaimakryam is unmatched in its sweep .

May the Adhi Dampathis of Srirangam continue to bless you with vigor
and Bhakthi to bless us all and bring us close to them every day .

NamO Sri RanganAthAya ,


Congratulations! Keep it up Murali.

Lalitha and Sarathy  


Namaskaram bhattar swamy, The service you decicated is very fine.Any new venture pl kindly share with me.I’ll Give you ANNA photo as early as possible. With The Blessings Of Dhivya Dhampathi


S.R.Gopala Bhattar(Chithappa)

Dear Murali, this site is good and keep it.

R.Narasimha Battar,


Hello Chithappa,

                        Very good web site and very well done and pleased to see this website. Now people looked at your website and very happy to hear it. Heartly congrats.

SriVidya Balaji


          its nice to know that u have a site on srirangam…. saw all the pictures they were really good… any ways taken a great effort to do this job may it go on well… keep going .. waiting for more informations…





Respected Swamin

                            I looked at your site and it is very impressive. This is Partha Sarathy from California. I would like to talk to you. Can you give your telephone number? Thank you.




Dear Sri.Murali Battar

                               I just now viewed thru this site and am very happy to see the photos which are very clear and live. The snap of Sesharaya Mandapam reminds me of my school days in Srirangam. The details of the Uthsavams are very useful for those who are away and would like to plan their trip to the temple for specific sevai. For this purpose, if the temple programmes for the next 3 months are presented here, it will be of more practical use. Just like you have shown the Rajagopuram in its old form as well as the present one, it will be very interesting to view the Thiruveedhi, (both Chithra and Uthra Streets) as they are now and then (if you can manage to get the old snaps). Thank you very much for your effort to bring the beautiful temple town with the Divya Dhampathis to our table in a very colourful way and I pray to THEM to give you all the necessary things to continue with this kinkaryam in much more grand scale.


With Best Wishes

Srinivasarangan K Chari

Srihi Sriman Murali Bhattar

                                      This is Sridhar fromBangalore. Nise website. Keep it up. any help required from my side pl do not hesitate.



Sridhar Bangalore.

Dear Swamin,

                   It is wonderful. Pl. add more colourful photos of blessing deity Ranganathan.




Dept. of Sanskrit,



looks pretty good! It’s a great start!

James  Curtis

Dear Murali,

                 I found another great site to know about SRIRANGA. It is not enough to state even with many several websites for SRIRANGA. Keep it up. Add Audio(MP3) files also, which will call the users, more better way.


sreeman murali bhattar ;

i happen to see Your url posted in groups .It is really divine and since your are there since ages probably you must be knowing in and out of sreerangam and aboput great seers ,pious peoeple and traditinal /religous customs which are special and unique to sreerangam,how hard present generation working hard to retain sreerangams glory etc., We are thankful to you for providing such nice site in your busy schedule.




Respected sir.
My name is Raghu and I am a vadagalai Iyengar and a software engineer in Chennai. We come from a very religious family but my interest in vaishnavism has been recent and I have been trying to read up a little on the internet. 


I am very pleased to see your great service to our community and would like to help in a very small manner. Even though my knowledge of the scriptures is very minimal, I am in a position to proof read and improve on the English language and presentation of the religious content that you are publishing in your website.

I should consider it my honour if you would like to use my services in
this regard.

I see u r presentation i like it very much it is so beautiful and so nice with more information i like it very much i pray 2 god for u r growth in all the feilds my best wishes to u




Dear Sri Sadagopan Mama,
Thank you very much for the link. This website has got not only beautiful content/pictures but the name of the website itself is a beauty. I could realize it after navigating thru this site. I am sure that we are going to see many more ‘rathnams’ that are going to decorate this website like the Purusha Shuktham, in the days to come. My sincere thanks to Sri Murali Bhattar Swamy of Srirangam for doing such a wonderful kaimkaryam.



After our meeting this morning, I have visited the site. I am very much delighted to see the info and the presentation which is very attracting, informative and thought provoking. I am thankful to you for organising this excellent site. I am informing my friends and relatives so that wherever they are they can have the blessing of SriRanganatha everyday through “Srirangapankajam” My best wishes to you and one all who are involved this divine duty




Respected Murali-bhattar svamin,

Please accept my congratulations for your rich website http://www.srirangapankajam.com on nam-perumaal (Our Lord), the incomparable ‘archa’ manifestation of Supreme Divinity.

I have the family name of ‘tiru-manjanam’ (of East Chitra Street where my younger brother, Satagopan, lives in the splendid house he has built anew on the site of our traditional home. Satagopan offers his passionate service of fanning ~’tiru-aala-vattam’~ Our Lord on His adored excursions, ‘purappaadu’.)

I have visited your home to show you the extraordinary wonder of a Srikrishna miniature ‘vigraham’. I was rewarded when you showed me another such miniature of Srikrishna tap-dancing on the hoods of the ‘kaaliyan’ serpent.

I have been in your respected father’s informal club. He did me a special honour when he asked me to draft a message in English (sometime in year 1954?), condemning Josef Stalin’s outrageous assassination of Hungarian prime minister Imre Nagay !

Also, it was by courtesy of your father that my own elder brother, tirumanjanam Kannan, could make the photo of ‘periya-perumaal’ soon after the great consecration (‘sam-prokshanam’) in July 1959, subsequent to the Great Lord’s playful donning the fire wrap (‘agni aavaranam’). It was my younger brother, Satagopan, who added golden tint to this precious photo which is now presented in your website.

I am very grateful to you for including in your website a photo of the unique sacred jewellery, Sriranga-vimaana-padakam, the gem-set pendant of Our Lord. This pendant itself is an object of adoration (‘aaraadhya vastu’) as much as Our Lord himself is the ‘para-vastu’.

I have to thank the young man, Jayasri-/-Rangarajan (of East Uttara) who favoured me with your website address. Jayasri’s mother was the younger sister of my mother-in-law. As of now, Jayasri has the fortune of rendering ‘oozhiyam’ service in the ‘periya sannidhi’.

I feel very fulfilled to visit your website, and I pray that the Great Lord ever be with you !

Regards from
Tirumanjanam Sundara Rajan

Respected Swamin,

                             I am at Chennai. But you are bringing Lord to my house as Vibhishana brought Ranganatha to Srirangam fromAyodya. I pray Lord to pour his blessings on you for this very valuble service. My father Pudukkottai Sri A.Srinivasaraghavachariar Swamy (vaikuntavasi) who is very much attached to Lord Ranga wused to write to me when I was in Trichy in 70s detailing every Utsava and asking me to go to Srirangam. Incidentally he is a closed friend of your revered father. I am happy now you are doing that service to them who are away from Srirangam. Please also give dayby details of Panguni Uthira Utsavam and also other Utsavams thrn and there for persons like us.


With regards Dasan



Dear batterji,

                  kindly aceept my heartfelt greetings on for your magnificient efforts in maintaing the site. photos are very clear & nice. crisp information. it gives us really a divine feeling. i am sure it will come as leading web site in e vaishnavam.



yours lovingly.


Shri preethe hospital.



Re: your website

First of all, I have to thank you very much for posting those wonderful photos on the website, and in that way allowing all the visitors of the site to get darshan of the deities and those holly places.


I visited Sri Rangam in 1999, but our memory in kali yuga is not that good, so I also forgot how beautiful place that is. This website can give me and other viewers a good chance of getting an insight into inner life of Sri Rangam, as presented by you who are in the heart of all events.
It is a very nice initiative from your side and I fully support your efforts!

I would also commend on the simplicity of the site as it is very easy to navigate it.
The part I liked especially is the view of Jaganatha Mandir where Lord Caitanya Himself carved the deities. I didn’t know about this before, and I also don’t remember visiting this temple when I visited Sri Rangam along with other devotees of ISKCON 8 years ago.


Thank you very much for being such a good descendant of a great person, Gopal Bhatta Goswami.


Maha Caitanya Das, 



Congratulations for creating such a nice web site. Though in Chicago, mentally I am in Srirangam when I visit your web page.


Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan



Poojyasri murali bhattar,

                                   it is lord ranganatha’s divine grace that vaishnavites – in particular- scattered away from srirangam,thanks to your incessant efforts,could have a glimpse of the activites of the temple. adiyen’s request is that in addition to the updates you have in mind,please give us video version of panguni uttiram which is round the corner. let your wonderful service contiue.




Shriman Murali Mama.

                                Really it is wounderful site. I am resident of Srirangam for the last 15 years. All the past 13 years i enjoyed the festival vy much. Last year i missed the enjoyment of festival due to my visit to US. But this time eventhough i am away from Srirangam becuse of your site I feel that i am in Srirangam and enjoying the festival and gtg blessings of Divya Thambathis through U.

Thanks a lot.


Parthasarathy dasan

Dear Muralibattar, Excellent website on Nam-perumal.



This is a great idea.

Vasu Balaji

Sir, This site is very good and gives immense pleasure to those miss srirangam


respected swamin the site is as divine as srirangam! a great feast for us thank you

vanaja sundararajan


adiyen vaishnavadasan. i was totally impressed about your site. pl carry on with your such projects. I will pray almighty for your successful forthcoming projects.


sundharajan p t



                                  Very much thankful to u, its a amazing site and wonderful work.I never miss srirangam anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS A LOT


uthrasrinivasaraghavan (chellappa bhattar daughter)

Dear Sri Murali Bhattar,

                                 Thank you very much for putting up the pictures of NamPerumal on the net!. Please send me an email if you happen to see mine. Thanks!!


A Singapore.

Dear batterji,

                  greetings! i had the pelasure of going through the entire panguni uthiram special photoes. i could see the hardwork behind it when i visited your house yesterday. really it is a boon to all who could not enjoy the whole of the festival. as i could not wittness the divine thirumanjanan & goratham procession it was a consoling to see atleast in the web that too within 12 hrs. may god raganathan & thayar gives you good health & continued enthusiasm for the divine service you render to tens of thousands of devotees.it will be very appropriate if you could add few chapters to all alwars & acharyas ,guruparamparas without whom we could never understand our divine couple.

Hare krishna,

lovingly yours,




Dear Swamin,

                    It was indeed a great pleasure to watch u’r website & we really had the feeling of being part of the occassion.


Srirangan K

very amazing site!!!i was missing srirangam(n) a lot!!this pictures and clips carried me back to the event.Soon this web should become a srirangam cultural domain for the future generation!!! expecting a lot more from your kaingaryum


swmai adiyen arvind , peria nambi aaaathu peran…..hope u remember me….nice work swami ….speechless adiyen l come to ur house very sooon…….

you have done a excellant work in the website.But while perumal and thayar samvatham was not very clear and audio is not continueous.If possible if you are able to improve the video and audio more clear. Thanks for your kind effort. Try to give more for other festivals.


I, NPS Renkarajan, hail from Trichy Tennur and now in US on holiday. I am happy to view the photos and actually happy to see them. Your efforts are really worth and I seek the Blessings of Lord Ranganathan and Thayar. I had occasion to meet your brother at Malibu Temple recently during my visit to Los Angles. We exchanged nice pleasantries.

NPS Renkarajan

Once again i thank you Muali bhattar for your excellent job. Today as soon as i brouse ur site seeing namperumals excellent photos i started crying .Really i could not able to express my feelings how i felt seeing such a rare and precious photos. You have a good collections of old srirangam photos Revathy Sampath

D/O (Late) Sri Krishna Battar. 

Dear sriman Murali Bhattar Swamigal. Namaskaram. You are doing a wonderful service to humanity through your website. Your astrologuical remedies for Marriage , and remedies on Ashlesha naksatra day worship are really excellant. Photagallary on panguni uthiram is extraordinary. Eventhough i am at Secunderabad i felt i was at Srirangam on Phanguni uthiram day. May Lord Ranganatha give enough strength to serve coontinuously.



Jyothisa Acharya NVRA Raja,


Respected Shri.Murali battar swami,
Recently I had been there during PU utsavam and participated in vedaprayanam.One day you were kind enough to inform me about website.I saw it in my house at srirangam,and at chennai and today at Delhi.

It is really fantastic and glorious.Everyday I see and it fills my heart with joy and you have projected SRI NAMPERUMAL so nicely and I am extremely happy to see again and again.
I am a resident of srirangam presently working in Delhi.

Words are not sufficient to describe the beauty of your presentation of NAMPERUMAL in your website.This is a must to know the greatness of our temple by public and you have projected so nicely that entire world would know about SRI RANGA.

You are so fortunate to serve the GREAT RANGA.

With warm regards,
R.Sampath kumaran.

My mother (Malathy Ranganathan, D/O of Late Sri. Krishna Bhattar) gave me this website’s address today and I am writing this message with tears in my eyes after seeing all the pictures of Nam Perumal. I studied in Trichy, while staying in Srirangam between 1989 and 2004. My heartfelt congratulations and sincere thanks to you for creating this website and also posting such glorious pictures of the Divya Dhampathi. Please continue to publish such great pictures, so people like me living far away, can also get the punya sevai of our Perumal – Num Perumal. Sriman Narayana Charanam, Charanam Prabathiye !!! Srimathe Narayanaya Namaha !!! Om Namo Narayana !!! With Many Thanks and Sincere Wishes,


Dhilip – Grandson of Late Shri. Krishna Bhattar

Pella, Iowa,


Srirangam namprumal upto date details reach astikas globally instantly!

Dear Sri Murali bhattar Swamy,

                                             Namperumal reaches every home globally ( VISWAM )and out of mixed mercy of Namperumal and You, we are able to worship HIM like NITHYA SURIS every minute with different thirukolams ( SADHA PASYANTHI) ANNA(your great father and my guru) did holy service to srirangam asthikas through MAHA PRABHU SADANAM by conducting religious discourses and publications with very small income from temple. In the foot steps of ANNA you have reached global asthikas through SRIRANGAPANKAJAM giving Namperumals dhayay to one and all from SRIRANGAM , the biggest functioning HINDU temple in the world. I am fortunate to do little kainkaryam to Namperumal through THREE gereration of your family ( YOUR GREAT FATHER, YOUR GOOD SELF(satputran of divya dampathis) AND YOUR WELL TRAINED SONS IN TEMPLE AGAMAS). It is an exellant site which is being updated regularlyand feast to eyes. kann padaitha payan NAMPERUMALUKKE.


Veeraraghavan (YOUR INTIMATE FAN)

“Ezhai Edhalan Keezh Magan” endrabadi indha ezhaigalukkum Arangan has decided to bless us through this website who are far away from him.I have no words to explain the beauty of the rare pictures captured and posted.Dear Muralli Bhattar anantha kodi thanks.I also have a request.Do publish and post Peria Perumal/Namperumal/Thayar/other Nachiars/yearly utsavams pictures of past and future in this website and make us blessed.Waiting to see more of the divine couples soon in srirangapankajam.


Sadagoba Ramanujam.

Dear swami

                 by seeing this website i became your fan iwas amazed by seeing this site.my best wishes.once again my heartly congradulation to you all


Respected Bhattarji

                             Very glad and happy to view the website launched. We are very much pleased that the Divinity is brought home in Booloka Vaikundam Kindly keep it up and pray to DIVYA DHAMPATHIS for more endeavour

with regards

Krishnamoorthy Rukmani Gopi


No.22, North Chitra Street Srirangam

It is very nice to see our namperumal in the website and your efforts in placing at the website.Lot of things you have collected and my best wishes in uploading the factuals and the happenings about our namperumal in the website .Keep it up and let our namperumal stand with you in releasing more information in the site


chartered accountant


I simply cann’t express my feelings on seeing this website. It is marvellous and certainly with the complete “anugraham” of Sri Rangan that you have presented this to the entire world of Sri Vaishnavas. Looking this website, I feel, I am near Srirangam and so near to the Lord of Srirangam, Sri Ranganatha. Thanking you for presenting a wonderful world of Sri Ranga Pankajam.


Mayur Vihar


Respected Sriman Murali Bhattar swamigal,

namaskaram. I had visited site today, i could see lot information on Thirunaksatrams and your archieve gallery is superb. may Lord sri Ranganathar bless you for all the service you are rendering for us. Namaste.



6 comments on “Energizers

  1. I am visiting all the sites daily as I am very much impressed by the presentation of Aanmiga Items in a wide angle. I express mu salutations to your goodselves for taking me deep into the fold in an unexpected way.
    Retired Manager, PNB

  2. Excellent photographic presentation of Namperumal for our sincere worship. My salutations and respects for your valuable presentation.
    Sekar J

  3. Adiyen Daasan!
    Thank you for having comprehensive list of Thirunakshatrams of all acharyas and azhwars.

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