Boarding & Lodging

Boarding At Srirangam

There are somany Vegetarian Hotels in Srirangam.

Incase if you need pure Vaishnavite Food you may kindly contact the following Vaishnavites who can prepare food according to your need and supply to the place (at Srirangam) where you stay. The Minimum no. of persons must be above five.

Shri V.Gopala Iyengar
No.28/11 Raghavendrapuram
Trichy 620 006
Phone No. (0431)-2432001

Cell: 94436-19152 Ph:0431-2437887 / 3297354

Reliable Auto Drivers

Seenan Auto: 94430-07047
Ravi Auto 98424-43062
Venu Auto 98426-15972
Senthil Auto: 94437-66907

Tourist Cabs

Sri Rangaa’s Travels
27/B 14 EVS Road, Ranga Nagar
Srirangam, Trichy-620 006
Prop: Ra. Souriraajan Iyengar.
Ph: 0431-2433938
Cell: 94431-91962

(Mr Souriraajan Iyengar is well experienced
person in covering all the divyadesams)
Lodging at Srirangam

Sri Veeraraghava Ramanuja Kudam
(Belongs to HH Thiruthandi Narayanajeer Andra)
294 Sathara Street (Near Rajagopuram)
Srirangam-620 006
Ph: 0431-2437136
(A/C Double: Rs.450 Ordinary:Rs.300 per day. (for 4 persons). All rooms are Bath Room attched. They will prepare food also if you inform them in advance and charge very nominal fee).

New Sri Ranga Lodge
(Near to Busstand & Raghavendra Arch)
New No.5/Old No.3 EVS St., Ranganagar,
Srirangam-620 006
Ph: 0431-2432212/ Cell:94433-67197
(3 Bed Room: Rs.300/day)

S.N. Towers
Thiruvalluvar St., (Near Rajagopuram)
Srirangam-620 006
Ph: 0431-2437600
(A/C Room available for VIPs only Non A/C Double Room: Rs.250/day)

Sri Gopalakrishna Ramanuja Kudam
33/133 Sathara Street, Srirangam-620 006
Cell: 99442-75405 (Mr. Mohan)
(Common bath room & Toilet – at present no bed also. But will be economical if you come in group by van of Bus. Suitable for small functions also.  Room rent: Rs.150/day).

Surya Guest House
(Very Near to Police Station and Rajgagopuram)
Renganagar, Srirangam – Ph: (0431)-2430405
(A/C 4 Bed: Rs.1100 – A/C 6 Bed Room: Rs.1650 –
A seperate meter fixed for A/C alone and they charge Rs.6 per meter. No double or Single room available. A/C if you want can use and pay Rs.6/unit.
Well furnished and elaborate Rooms with all facilities – Recently constructed – Very good maintenance. Suitable for family.)

Maruthi Thiruthala Payaniyar Illam
South Chitra Street, Srirangam-620 006
Ph: 0431-2435749
Cell No.: 9345101649.
(Six A/C rooms available. Non A/C double:Rs.300/day – very near to temple entrance – They can arrange for pure vegetarian food also if required.)

Bangur Dharmasala
Just opp. to ‘Ranga Ranga’ Gopuram
Srirangam- 620 006
Ph: 0431-2435890
(Non A/C double: Rs.100 Big rooms for Rs.150 & Rs.210 also available.)

Bansilal Amarchant Chowtry
Just opp. to ‘Ranga Ranga’ Gopuram
Srirangam- 620006
(Rooms available without bed.
Only common bath & toilet )


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