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                                                  (Festival of Spring Season)

History behind Vasantham / Vasanthosthavam:

Current Vasantha Mandapam for Namperumal was once built by Anappa Udayar in the year of 1436 A.D.

Earlier, the Rulers of Vijayanagara Kingdom were celebrating this Festival in the Spring Season as Brahmostavam. But later on the same festival was converted as Vasanthosthavam. (May be due to the seasonal time it was celebrated…!)

Virtues of Vasanthosthavam:
Vasanthosthavam is the Festival celebrated by Namperumal for Nine Days.
Vasanthosthavam starts exactly nine days before the Full Moon day (Paurnami) of the Month of Vaikasi. The last day of the festival ie, the Full Moon day of Vaikasi is celebrated as “Eka Vasantham”

(a) Topography of the Vasanthosthava Mandapam
Vasanthosthava Mandapam is located in the 5th round called as Azhvaan or Agalangan round of the “Temple” inside a separate groove and gardens. The Vasanthosthava Asthana Mandapam is structured beautifully in the midst of a pond full of water. This structure brings tremendous cool breeze in and around the Mandapam in the evening.

Mandapam has a well built corridor round the pond. The Asthana Mandapam and the corridor are linked strongly by way of a bridge like structure. A continuous flow of water to the pond is supplied through an underground reservoir from the ChandraPushkarani (Holy Pond inside the Temple).

(b) Events in Vasanthosthavam:
On all the 9 days of ‘Vasantham’, Namperumal alone (except for 1st and 7th day where Namperumal accompanies with Ubhaya Nachimars) starts from the Sanctum Sanctorum by evening.

During the first 8 days of Vasantham, the Adthiyabaha Ghosti begins the Divya Prabhandams in the Vazhi Nadai (Pass-in) Mandapam before the Vasanthosthava Garden As usual, this ends in the Karthikai Kotta Vasal (Entrance) during Namperumal’s return to Sanctum Sanctorum.

After the commencement of Divya Prabhandam, Namperumal enters the Vasantham Groove and proceeds to the Asthana Mandapam. Before ascending into the Asthana Mandapam, Namperumal takes an Oiyara Nadai (Legendry Walk) in the corridor round the pond and stage a Padiyetham (Eminent Staircase Climb with a Gentle Swing) before the connecting bridge.

Namperumal is gently given ‘Choornabhishekam’ (Sacred Turmeric Powder, sprinkled over the Namperumal’s garland in a gentle way) on all the days of the festival. During this occasion of Choornabhishekam, Arayar chants “Thirupallandu” before Namperumal.

(c) Eka Vasantham (9th Day):
On the 9th Day Eka Vasantham is celebrated. Namperumal will be seen ascended on the Gudirai Vahanam. HE gets the Choornabhishekam near the Jaya – Vijaya Entrance (Silver Door!) on the Gudirai Vahanam and go around the Chitra Streets (7th Ring) in Gudirai Vahanam and accepts the Thirthavari (Holy Dip) for the Sadagopam / Chadari at ChandraPushkarani. Completing the above, Namperumal proceeds to Vasanthosthava Asthana Mandapam for having the Thirumanjanam (Holy Bath). HE returns to Sanctum Sanctorum by Midnight, which completes the Vasanthosthavam.


1) The Vasanthosthava Mandapam is now being leased and taken care by

Sri Sampath Arayar Swami. He has made a remarkable contribution after owning this opportunity. He,
 Renovated the Mandapam
 White Washed the Mandapam to keep it neat and tidy.
 Planted many trees in the groove and make shift Pandals.
 Laid a good pathway to the Vaasantha Mandapam.
 Electrified the Mandapam sufficiently
 Ensured continuous flow of water from the underground reservoir between Vasantha Mandapam and Temple Chandra Pushkarani.
In one word – Sri Sampath Arayar Swami has brought back Vasantham to Namperumal.

2) It is a proven fact that those who apply the Choornabhishekam in the forehead and head will be freed of all the sins and diseases by Namperumal’s blessings.*

*(Please contact Sri Murali Battar for further details in this regard)


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