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Sri Vaduga Nambi’s Thirunakshtram

(Chithirai – Ashwini)



One who wants to measure Acharya Ambimanam or Bakthi, should then

choose Vaduga Nambi as the unit of measurement.

Vaduga Nambi’s is the synonym of Acharya Abhimana / Bakthi.

He is a benchmark till now in Acharya Abhimanam who is one among the key disciples

of Swami Ramanuja.

It will be right to be heard if we say Madurakavi as the Vaduga Nambi for Namalwar and

Vaduga Nambi as Madurakavi for Sri Ramanuja.

His Profile: Vaduga Nambi was born in Saligramam which is nearly 80 KM west of Mysore, now called as Mirle-Saligramam, where paddy grows abundance near Mysore. (Sali means Paddy)

He was born to He was born in the star of Ashwini in the month of Chittirai for the Salagrama Aiyan couples. His birth name was Andhra Purnar.

Vaduga Nambi was taken on board by Sri Ramanuja as disciple at 1079 A.D and lived in Srirangam spending his life in the seva of Sri Ramanuja.
Vaduga Nambi is said to have lived for 95 years.










1. Pall Pongiya Prabhavam:

Once, in Srirangam, Vaduga Nambi was heating the milk to be offered to Sri Ramanuja. Sri Ramanuja called him as, “Vaduga, please come, Namperumal is passing through our place, let us have a glimpse of him”. Vaduga replied immediately as, “Swami, If I come out worship Umperumal (Your Lord-Renganatha), who will attend to the milk for Emperumal (My Lord –Sri Ramanuja)?”….

2. Mattru Onninai Kaana Prabhavam:


Sri Ramanuja usually visited Nampermal’s Sannathi along with his disciples. Once during such visits, when Sri Ramanuja was enjoying in the beauty of Namperumal Archai Thirumeni, Vaduganambi was enjoying in the beauty of Sri Ramanuja’s Divinity. Sri Ramanuja told Vaduganambi, “Vaduga, look at the Namperumal’s eyes – (Neenda ap peryavaya Kanngal…ummai Pethamai Seiyavillaiya..??”). There was a spontaneous reply from Vaduganambi , saying that “The eyes which have seen my ‘amudhan’ will not see another!-(En amuthani kanda kangal Mattru Onninai Kaanave)”. For Vaduga Nambi , Sri Ramanuja is the only one and all in one.


3. Andaan’s Thirumaligai Prabhavam:


Vadauga Nambi, was once visited by some of his relatives from Mysore. They seem to have not obtained the samasrayanam (sworn to follow the principles of Sri vaishavism and Acharya) from the acharyas. When they left the place, Vaduga Nambi immediately threw away all the vessels and cleaned the Thirumaligai. He then brought the left over old vessels from Mudaliandaan’s (Andaan) Thirumaligai which were kept as unused. He felt happy in doing that and proclaimed that it is better to use such unused old vessels from Sri Vaishanava as Andaan rather than using vessels used for his relatives who left the place.


4. Thirukurungudi (Vaishnava Nambi Prabhavam):


Once, Sri Ramanjua along with Vaduga Nambi traveled to Kerala for the noble cause of spreading Vishistadvaitham. Due to the consipiracy planned by Namboodiri’s of Kerala using ‘Garuda Manthram’, both vaduga Nambi and Sri Ramanuja were separated on either side of the Mahendragiri Hill. (Ramanuja in the Thirukurungudi side and Vaduga Nambi in Kerala Side)
When Sri Ramanuja woke up and called for Vaduga Nambi, Thirukurungudi Perumal went in disguise as Vaduga Nambi. As a usual practice, Sri Ramanuja after adorning the thirumankappu of himself, applied the remaining in his hands to the lord Himself in the form of Vaduga Nambi , without knowing the prabhavam.
After making ready for the daily poojas, the lord disappeared. Later Sri Ramanuja saw the Thirumankappu he applied for Vaduga Nambi in the forehead of the Lord and came to know all the Perumal vaibhavams. Hence named the Perumal as “Vaishnava Nambi” and taught Rahasyaarthams. This incidence was were Sri Ramanuja became the Acharya for the Lord himself. Hence seen in Jnana Mudhirai at Thirukarungudi even now.
The fact underlying is that even the lord took the form of Vaduga Nambi to get an Acharya Sampantham.


5. Acharya Thiruvadi Sampantha Prabhavam:


During 1137 A.D, the concluding time of his Avathara vaibhavam, Sri Ramanuja rested his head on Embar’s lap and his feet on Vaduga Nambi’s lap and amalgamated into Namperumal’s Thiruvadi… listening to Divya Prabandam and Upanishads.
Vaduga Nambi who said to have lived for 95 years, spent his last days in Saligramam worshipping Lord Narasimha and Ramanuja’s Thiruvadi and attained immortality due to his Acharya Abhimanam..

History of Saligramam:


Sri Ramanuja, during his yatra to Mysore, had visited this place. During his visit, he ordered Mudaliyandan to dip the feet in the village tank. The Inhabitants of the Saligramam who bathed and drank the tank water became purified and followed as disciples of Swami Ramanuja.
It is believed that a serpent is safeguarding the purity of the tank and hence no body is allowed to enter the tank till date except the temple priests of Saligramam.


His Literary Works: He composed “Sri Yathiraja Vaibhavam”. This is 114 verses of Sanskrit Sloga. It puts in picture of the entire life history of Sri Ramanuja.
Incidents of Inspiration: There are numerous of incidents that took place in Vaduga Nambi’s life which propagates his devotion towards Acharya.. All are only a tip of the immeasurable devotional iceberg underneath the ocean of his Acharya Bakthi.

We give a peep in to those….with some annotates..from the sources heard…




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  1. Hari Om! Divine Information not ever known to Adiyen so far….in r/o Vaduga Nambi. Thanks a lot indeed for the motivational information!
    Adiyen Sri Ramanuja Dasan- Jai Sriman Narayana!

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