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 Sri UYYAKONDAR Thirunakshtram (18.04.07)
(A Mahanubhavulu – Sri Jeyachena Amsam)



“Do anybody in the universe of Shisya Parampara has obeyed his Acharya’s instructions…without, even a tiny tint of, reasoning or questioning..?” This still, stands as a question with only one answer as UYYAKONDAR even after so many decades after this Mahanubhavulu’s period.

He was a real Mahanubhavulu who in his vedantic discourses strictly followed his Acharya Sri Nathamuni’s teachings, with not even a mark of deviations.

His Profile:

Tiruvellarai, a Divyadesam near Trichy, scores the credit for giving place to his birth. It is largely accepted that he was born in year of 886 A.D. He was born in the month of Chitirai –in the star of Karthigai.

His parents named him Sri Pundareekakshar. He adored Sri Nathamuni as his Acharya who was more than 63 years then. He gained the knowledge of vedantha and Divyaprabhandams from Sri Nathamuni. Kurukai Kavalappan was also a disciple of Sri Nathamuni along with UyyaKondar.

His Literary Works:

To our dismay, UyyaKondar, since spent all moment in his life time in preaching Sri Nadamuni’s teachings, didn’t compose any independent literary works. However, he gone overwhelmed by Andal’s Thiruppavai , phrased the Thaniyans for Tiruppavai viz..AnnaVayal Puthuvai Andal…… & Suudik kodutha sudarkodiye…, which is recited every day at many temples and homes.

His Hierarchy:

The Guruprampara holds this Mahanubhavulu in its wings as depicted below:


1. Manakkal Nambi
2. Thiruvallikeni Panperumal Arayar
3. Settaipoosi Chendalankarar called as Setlur Chendalankarar
4. Sri Pundareeka Dasar
5. Ullagu PerumalNangai
6. Komadam Thiruvinnagarappan

(of the above 6 sishyas, the first 5 became very prominant)


As stated in the prologue of this text, UyyaKondar is a Mahanubhavulu in other words a “MAN of MANNERS”.

There are numerous incidences, we can itemize from his life, which made him as Mahanubhavulu… We recall some of them for you:

Acharya Anubandam / Aannai: History reads that Sri Nathamuni, received an image of Ramanuja along with the (4000) Nalayira Divya Prabhantham from Nammalvar. Namalwar instructed him to handover the image to Nadamuni’s yet-to-be-born grandson. Andaman created an idol based on that image. When Sri Nathamuni predicted his own end, he called UyyaKondar and told him to keep the idol in a secure place and handed it over to Sri Nathamuni’s grandson in the future.
UyyaKondar accepted the same as it was Acharya’s Order. However, he was not able to make it executed as the grandson was not born during the Uyyakondar’s period. Hence, he handed over the idol to Mana(r)kkal nambi and instructed him that he would take the responsibility of instructing Sri Nathamuni’s grandson.
As we can see from the above incident, UyyaKondar was always remembering the Achraya’s instructions, even in during his final hours.

Uyyak Konda Namakarnam: Once Sri Nathamuni ordered Pundarikakshar (yet to be named as UyyaKondar) to escort Sri Nathamuni’s wife Aravinda Pavai to her parent’s place. He was asked to sit in the open space of the house by a woman folk called “Vangipuraththu Aachi”. He was served with the stale waste food left over (Pazhayadhu). Pundarikakshar took the same with much relish as it was offered by his Acharya’s relatives. When Sri Nathamuni came to know about this he exclaimed boundlessly and said “Nammai Uyyak kondeero”? (Oh! You can redeem me?). Then on he was known as UyyaKondar

Later on he was also confined with the titles as
Sri PundariKatchar
Aravinda dasar

Paar uyya konda Prabhanda Samrakshanam:

Sri Nathamuni had two important treasures with him. (1) The secret of Bhakti Yoga to attain praapthi (This will save the Abyhasaha. ie., practicing person) and (2) Nalayira – 4000 Divya Prabhantham. (This will save the Andacharachara. Ie the entire world)
Nathamuni decided to teach one of these two to his two prominent students namely Kurukai Kavalappan and Pundarekaksaar. As Kavalappan wished to choose bhakti yoga, Nathamuni instructed him on Bhakti Yoga.

When Sri Nadhamuni turned to ask Pundareekaakshar, he immediately replied, “Pinam kidaka manam purivar undo???”(ie, Will anybody marry when there is an occurrence of death in the residence?). He meant that when the entire world seems to be doomed in Samsaaram (Dhukka Suzhalai !), what is the use for just one soul alone reaching the Lord by practicing Bhakti Yoga. Hence he told Sri Nadhamuni,”Let whatever happens to me let it happen, but please teach me the secret that can deliver the entire world to the Lord”.

Nathamuni unable to explain the generosity shown by Pundareekaakshar, praised his determination and kindness towards the Mankind and said “Neerae ulagayum ulagi udaya Sriman Narayananyum Avanai sollum Arulisaelaikalayum avatrai paettra adiayenayum Uyyakondavar” (ie., You are the only one who came to redeem the world and The Lord who has the World and the holy hymns which praise The Lord and myself who preach those hymns)

It is believed that Uyakkondar lived for 105 years.


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