Archives Thondaradipodi Azhwar

Marghazhi Jyeshta Nakshtram (6.1.2008)


Solakshidaow dhanushimashimahndradaare
Ya: praathuraasamurajith vanamaalikaamsa:

Born as the incarnation of SriVanamaala of Sriman Narayana in the Tirumandangudi on the month of Margazhi in the Jyeshta Nakshatram, “Sri Vipranarayana” named by his father as per the rituals learn Vedas and Upanishads at the proper age. Visited Srirangam to worship the Lord Sriranganatha and by the divine order of SriRanganatha he started the kainkaryam of offering garland to the lord everyday from the garden (Tirunandavanam).

In the court of Chola king in the Woraiyur, there was a dancer named DevaDevi. One day she passed along the way of this garden with her friends. SriVipranarayana who don’t know things other than his kainkaryam worked in the garden without have a look on this dancer. She asked her sister and friends about him and came to know about his greatness and bakthi on SriRanganatha. She challenged her sister that “I will attract him in very few days otherwise I will be your slave”. After this she removed her ornaments and changed her dresses as an ordinary woman and bowed in the feet of Sri Vipranarayanar. Without the knowledge of her drama he accepted her words of kainkaryam to the Lord. One day due to the heavy rain, SriVipranarayana asked DevaDevi to come inside the barnashala to stay there. Slowly she diverted the attention of SriVipranarayana on her and through that she gradually got the wealth of him. One evening, SriRanganatha and Sri Ranga nachiyar passed along the way where in front of the house of Devadevi, and saw SriVipraNarayana waited there for entering into her house and denied because of no material to enter. By the divine



grace, Lordess requested the Lord to relieve him from the worldly affairs. One Night, SriRanganatha in the form of the messenger named as “AlagiaManavalan” of SriVipraNarayana, brought the Golden Vessel (Suthodaka Vattil) and gave it to DevaDevi for SriVipranarayana to get into her house without his knowledge. On the next day when the archaka opened the door of Sanctum Sanctorum for Viswaroopam, couldn’t find the golden vessel and informed this to the Chola King. By the king’s order, soldiers caught DevaDevi and SriVipranarayana. Vipranarayana denies that he knows nothing about the theft of the golden vattil and the messenger AlagiaManavalan. But both of them were punished and Vipranarayana was put into the jail. At the dream, Lord told the king about His divine play and ordered the king to release SriVipranarayana and help him to do his kainkaryam. Understanding the divine play and holy grace of SriNamperumal, Vipranarayana felt ashamed for the past. SriNamperumal and Thayar gifted His theertham, prasadam and asked him to continue his kainkaryam of offering garland and caring the garden and also to the SriVaishnavites. By the divine order he was named after as “SriTondaradipodi Azhwar” and continued his kainkaryam to the Lord and His devotees. Sri Tondaradipodi is the only Azhwar who doesn’t sing a pasuram (song) other than SriRanganatha and Srirangam. He praised and made pasurams on SriRanganatha as SriKrishna and strongly insisits that Sri Krishna is the only supreme god by his songs.

“Matrumor Deivamundo Mathiyila Maanidangaal……..” 9th Pasuram –Tirumaalai

He made “Tirupalliezhuchi – 10 ” and “Tirumaalai – 45” Prabhandams only in praise of SriRanganatha. That’s why still the arayars praised SriNamperuamal in Padiyetrams as “Padinmar Paadum Perumal”. Tiruvaranga Perumal Arayar; one of the Acharya of SriRamanuja made two danians for this Azhwar’s prabhandam of “Tirumalai” and “TirupalliEzhuchi”. This Azhwar only has the greatness and speciality in Srirangam as he made mangalasasanam on his Tirunakshatram day with his prabandam of “TirupalliEzhuchi” recited by Arayar in this month of Margazhi in front of SriNamperumal.

“Kothande Jyeshta Nakshatre Mandangudi Purothbhavam |
Sholorvyaam vanamaalamsam Bhaktha Bakthrenumaasraye||”

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