Archives Thirumazhisai Azhwar


Shakthipanchamaya vigrahaathmane sookthikarajathasithahaarine |
Mukthithaayakamuraaripaadhayoor bakthisaaramunaye namo nama: ||

In the place of Tirumazhisai, which is divine and great than the whole world, all the saptha rishis did penance. To Bhargava Maharishi, a child was born as the incarnation of lord’s divine disc(Sudarshana Chakram) at the Thai month – Maka nakshatram. He was left by his parents inside the shrubs. By the divine graces of Sri Peria Prattiyar, a man who came there to cut the bushes saw this child. That man, Tiruvaalan gave this child to his wife Pangayarchelvi. Heard the greatness and uniqueness of the child, a man in the Tirumazhisai village brought milk everyday for the child. One day, the child gave the remaining milk to Tiruvaalan and his wife, they gave birth to a child named as “Kanikannan”.

Tirumazhisai Azhwar examine many religious scripts and scriptures to know the Supreme Lord and Antaryaami(inner soul) to all. After some 700 years, he finally clearly found that SriVaishnava Sampradayam is the true and perfect path to the way of bakthi and SrimanNarayana as the supreme lord who can give moksha.

One day Rudran(Shiva) and Parvathi travelling in the Rishabha(Ox) Vahana, noticed the azhwar that he moved far suddenly from the shadow of them. Parvathi enquired Rudra about this and Rudra replied that “he is a great and divine saint, he don’t care for us”. But Parvathi asked Rudra to appear in front of the azhwar. They both asked the azhwar to request some boon from them. Azhwar asked “Can you give Mukthi(Moksham)?”, Rudra said that “I am unfit to give moksha. Only Sriman Narayana can give moksha to anyone”. So Azhwar denied their offer. They insisted again to ask some boon. Then azhwar asked “give me the boon that this thread enters into the back of this needle”. Getting angered, Rudra opened his third eye and flow the fire towards SriTirumazhisai Azhwar. Suddenly, azhwar pressed his thumb finger of his right leg and opened an eye which flows fire more than the eye of Rudra. They feared by this fire, ran away and went to Sri Hari and requested to protect them. Then SriHari send some clouds to flow the rain and put off the fire. Rudra appeared before the azhwar and wondered about his bakthi towards Sri Hari and named SriTirumazhisai Azhwar as “Sri Bakthisaarar”.

One day a black magician named Kongana Siddhan presented a solid substance which gives many gold and shining stones. Azhwar refused and denied his gift, collected some dust from his ear and told that “this is enough to give more and more than your solid substance”. Examined and came to know the truth, that magician bowed in the feet of Sri Azhwar. Doing Yoga in a cave, he once met the three mudhal azhwars “poigaiar, boothathar, peyar” and they four praised about the greatness of Sri Krishna for long time.
Living with his sishya “Kanikannan”, Azhwar spread the true bakthi towards Sri Krishna to many. An old lady did some kainkaryam to the azhwar and became younger by the graces of Sri TirumazhisaiPiran. Heard this the Pallava king, ordered Kanikannan to brought the azhwar to his palace to become young. But kanikannan told that Sri Bakthisaarar “My Acharya don’t sung a song other than Sri Hari”. King ordered Kanikannan to sung a song. He also refused to do this and sung a song in praise of the Kanchipuram. King got angered and ordered kanikannan to went out of his kingdom. Azhwar following Kanikannan, asked the God there in Tiruvekka to fold His serpent bed and come with him. God did that and went with azhwar and kanikannan to a village out of the kingdom. After this all the places in the kingdom lost its purity and brightness. King came to know the reason and went to that village and bowed in the feet of azhwar, kanikannan and requested them to excuse. Azhwar asked the God to again come with them to Tiruvekka and unfold His serpent bed to lie on that in the temple. Still that Village is called as “Or Iravu Irukkai- Orirukkai”. Did the things as ordered by the azhwar, the lord there is called as “Sri Yatokthakaari Perumal – Yathi(master) Uktha(told-ordered) Kaari (did-acted) – Sonna Vannam Seidha Perumal”.

He made the prabandams – Tiruchandaviruttam(120 songs) and Naanmugan Tiruvandaadi (96 songs) in praise of the supreme lord Sriman Naraayana. He insists strongly,boldly than other azhwars about the supremacy of the Lord Sri Hari. Once he went to Kumbakonam Sri Sarangapaani shrine and praised Him by the song “ Nadantha Kaalgal Nonthavo….. Kidantha vaaru Ezhuntirunthu pesu !!”. Pleased by this, the lord there lying the serpent bed, suddenly raised up for the words of azhwar “Ezhuntiruntu pesu”. Caring for the lord’s posture azhwar quickly ended the song as “Vaazhi Kesanae”. Still the lord there in Kumbakonam Temple is called as “Uddhaana Sayee”(Lord in a raising posture). Sri Tirumazhisai Azhwar lived in this earth for 4000 years and attain the heavenly abode of SriHari.

“Thaiyil Magam Indru Taaraniyeer Etram……
…. Thuyya mathi petra Mazhisai Piran Pirantha naal inru”.

“Makaayaam makaramaasae chakraamsam baargavothbhavam |
Maheesaarapuratheesam bakthisaaram bhaje || “

Both Sri Embar and Sri Tirumazhisai Azhwar have their shrine at the Srirangam temple in the same place in the way before entering to the main entrance (Aryabhattal Vaasal) of SriNamperumal’s Shrine.


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