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   Sri Senai Mudalvar (Vishveksenar) Thirunakshtram Today

(14th Nov’2007)


“திவ்யாகாரம் ஸரோஜாக்ஷம் சங்க சக்ர கதாதரம்

முகுந்த த்வார நிலையம் விஷ்வக்ஸேனம் தமாஸ்ரயே! “



                                           SriVishwaksenA – The Commander in Chief
(Sri Anand R “

SriVishwaksenA, who is regarded as the commander-in-chief of Sriman nArAyaNA’s hosts and the guardian of the eternal wealth of the Lord, is not as well known as he ought to be. Most SriVaishNavAs belonging to modern nuclear families may not be conversant with the tradition of offering obeisance to VishwaksenA prior to the commencement of any auspicious act. Indeed, this is the status given to GaNApati by most people, including some adherents of SriVaishNavam.
VishwaksenA, is not to be considered a mere invention of the VaishNavAs to be worshiped in place of GaneshA. He is mentioned in several texts and has a samhita in his name in the PAncharAtrAgamA, which is the backbone of SriVaishNavA practice. He is also worshipped by the VaikAnasA VaishNavAs who propitiate him for the same reasons as the others do.
The day before any Utsavam takes place in a VaishNavA temple, ‘Senai-MudaliyAr’ comes out to inspect the area and to free it from all undesirable influences.
Indeed he wards of evil and ensures that the surroundings are most suitable for the worship of His Lord.
In terms of appearance, he resembles VishNu, and often has a shrine dedicated to Him in VaishNavA temples.
His tirunakshtram is celebrated in the month of Aiipasi, on the day marked by the asterism pooradam.
An important fact to be noted is that after Sriman nArAyaNA and Lakshmi, VishwaksenA is regarded as the third acharyA in the guru-paramparA. Therefore, it is imperative that his glory be celebrated by all practising VaishNAvAs on the day of His Thirukakshatram.


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