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Today is Chitirai Thiruvathirai. Entire world of Sri Vaishnavas is celebrating the Thirnakshathiram of Udayavar / (Emberumanar)… / Sri Ramanujar

In this blissful day, we present you an amazing piece of information from the activities followed in the Srirangam Temple. After knowing this, one can see how The Lord Namperumal has fulfilled Udayavar’s desire.

Let us take a rewind in the history.

Thirukachi Nambi was a Vysya by Caste. Sri Ramanuja was a Brahmin. Ramanuja’s wife Thanjamambal was a stringent follower of the arothodoxial customes of those days.

Sri Ramanuja’s desire was to invite Thirukachi Nambi to his house, serve him food and eat the left outs of Nambi’s food (which is normally called as Sesham) as a Acharya Prasadam. But because of the Thanjamambal’s attitude, Sri Ramanuja’s desire was a daydream till his end.

Now let us look at the current day’s scenario…..

In Srirangam Temple, the entire 20 days of Pagal Patthu and Rappatthu of Vaikunda Ekadesi / Thiruadyana Utsavam, Namperumal is always seen with the assembly of Alwars and Acharyas like Udayavar, Kurathazhwar, Pillailogachariar and Thirukachi Nambi etc…

When the customary ritual of garlanding the Alwars & Acharyas and blessing the them with Sadagopam / Chadari (Miniature of Namperumal’s Thiruvadi), it is being executed in the sequence starting from Namazhwar, Thirumangaiazhwar , Udayavar,etc….and then Thirukachi Nambi, etc…

But the same sequence is not followed during the custom of serving food for dining (Thaligai Amuthuseyal).


Sequence begins with Namazhwar, Periyazhwar, etc………and then Thirukachi Nambi, Udayavar, etc…
Ie., Udayavar takes the food left out by Thirukachi Nambi in this occasion held only in Srirangam.

Is it not amazing to note Namperumal’s love and affection towards Udayavar and fulfilled the same after Udayavar’s worldly days?

Don’t Miss to note this event in the next Vaikunda Ekadesi.

Click here to view the some more pictures of Sri Ramanuja


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