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“ Sri Yaamuneya padhapankaja brungaraajam
Srimath yatheendra munimaanasa raaja hamsam
Sri Vishnu chitta thata poorana kaalameham
Sri poorna desikamaham saranam prapadye” – Sri Peria Nambi Prapatti

Sri Peria Nambigal also called as SriMaha Poornar, SriParangusaDasar born in a Hevilambi Year –Margazhi Month – Jyeshta(Kettai) Nakshatram. (Nearer to 997 A.D.) at Srirangam. By the name itself we can identify his qualities that are always good and divine. One of the Sishyas of SriAlavandar, he who shows the true path to SriRamanuja and explains the mind of SriAlavandar after his death to Sri Ramanuja.
By the divine order of SriAlavandar and SriNamperumal he once travelled towards Kanchipuram to made Pancha Samskaram to SriRamanuja(Elayazhwar). Elayazhwar travelled towards Srirangam by the grace of Kanchi SriVaradarajaPerumal and Tirukachhi Nambigal at that time to meet Sri Peria Nambigal to obtain the Pancha Samskaram. Both of them met in the Madurandakam SriErikaatha Ramar Temple and SriPeriaNambigal made Samaasrayanam to Elayazhwar by sitting under a Magizha Maram. Even though the SriVaishnavites named for Dasan as per the ritual of Panchasamskaram as some “ramanujadasan”, SriRamanujacharya obtained dasanamam as “parangusadasan” as this is still the sampradayam of SriPeriaNambigal Tiruvamsam.
He advised SriRamanuja(Elayazhwar) that SriAlavandar is the original acharya to you and me.
At the Kanchipuram, SriPeriaNambigal taught NalayiraDivyaPrabandam and RahasyaVisheshas to SriRamanuja
(Elayazhwar). One day at the time of dragging water from the well there aroused argument between SriRamanuja’s wife and SriPeriaNambigal’s wife. Even though SriPerianambigal’s wife spoke softly, heard about their quarrel Sri PeriaNambi scold his wife and both of them travelled towards Srirangam. After these incident and some other, SriRamanuja(Elayazhwar) obtain Sanyasasramam with the permission of SriPeriaNambi and SriTirukacchiNambi from SriDevarajaPerumal in Kanchipuram.
One day when SriRamanuja with his sishyas entered into the temple to worship SriRanganatha, Sri PeriaNambi bowed in the feet of SriRamanuja. After this some sishyas of Sri Peria Nambigal asked about this. He said “I saw Sri Alavandar in Sri Ramanuja walked before me and that’s why I bowed in his feet”.
By the incident of brahmameda samskaram(last rituals after death) to Sri Maranera Nambigal by Sri Peria Nambigal some brahmins in srirangam opposed Sri Peria Nambigal and reject him from all the respects and functions. On one Chittirai Festival, at the time of the car festival(Ther Tirunaal), Athuzhai(Sri Peria Nambi’s daughter) requested and asked SriNamperumal to stop the car(Ther) and show HIS divine grace to SriPeria Nambi. Accepting the request of Athuzhaai, Sri Namperumal ordered to stop the Ther near the Tirumaaligai of Sri Peria Nambigal and offered Theertha Shadari Prasadam to Sri PeriaNambi.
SriRamanuja ordered his sishyas SriKoorathalwan and SriMudaliandan to stay in the house in front of SriPeria Nambigal Tirumaaligai in Srirangam(before that it was SriAlavandar Madam) and do kainkaryam to him. That’s why still SriAlwan Tirumaaligai and Sri Mudaliandan Tirumaligai is just opposite to SriPeria Nambigal Tirumaaligai in Srirangam.
As Koorathazhwan gave his eyes to protect “Emberumaanar Darsanam”, Sri Peria Nambigal gave his life to protect that. At the time of paramapata praapti he placed his head in his daughter’s lap and tiruvadi in Koorathalwan’s and said “A true Srivaishnavite will attain Paramapatam(heavenly abode of SriHari) even though he died anywhere. If I urged you people to took me to srirangam, in future others will say Moksham will be obtained only when we died in Srirangam. It’s wrong”. That is how he shows the true path of SriVishishtadwaita Sampradayam.

“Kamalaapathi kalyaanagunaamrutha nishevya |
Poorna Kaamaya satatham poornaya mahathe namaha ||

Krimikanta sameepastha koorathipa sahaayava |
Thronamastheethi yoolaekee thasmai poornaya mangalam || ”


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    Om Sri periyanambigal thiruvadigale saranam.

    Very touching and lovely story and information about Periya Nambigal.

    Thank you very much for publishing.

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