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Vaikasi Anusham – Swami Parasara Battar &

Sri Vedavyasa Battar (The Divine Twins)  Tirunakshtram.




Like Tirukachi Nambi was having the divine grace of speaking to Lord Varadaraja of Kanchi, it was Parasara Battar who got the privilege of talking to the Archaa Avataram of Namperumal in Srirangam. 

His Profile:

Parasara and Vedavysa were born as Twins in the month of Vaikasi in the star of Anusham to Kurathazhwan and Andal as a blessing token of Aravani Prasadam of Namperumal. 

Sri Ramanuja named them as Parasaran and VedaVyasan to complete his Acharyan Alavandar’swish.

He was fondly adopted by Namperumal and Thayar, the Divya Dampathis of Srirangam, and hence named as Battar.

Battar’s fame can be felt when one can learn that Sri Ramanuja himself had declared Battar as care taker for his pontifical throne even when he was alive.

His Literary Works:

Battar wrote as many as 18 literary works and the famous and notable among them are:

‘Bhagavadguna Darpana’ – A commentary on Sri VisnuSahasranama
SriRangaraja Stavaam

Brief Bringing from Battar’s Life

Battar lived a life for a spell nearer to 53 years in Srirangam. He is so attached to Namperumal and Srirangam that he breathed the air of Srirangam and lived in the thoughts of Namperumal alone. Because of his profound unparallel Bakthi, Namperumal and Thayar adopted him as their child. He was then called as “SriRengesa Prohitha::”

1. Sarvagnyankku Sadithathu

During his young age while playing in the streets, Battar happened to meet vidwan named Sarvagnya Bhattan and his disciples. Vidwan’s disciples were shouting the fame and name flags of the Vidwan. This irritated our young Battar. He thought such thing cannot happen in Srirangam when Sri Ramanuja and Kurathazhwan were living. Hence he made up his mind to make realize his wrong deed.

He took some sand in his hand and questioned the vidwan “Please tell me how many sand is there in my hand..?”

Vidwan thought this a childish and replied that “O child! How can one count the sand particles..?”

Young Parasara Battar replied immediately, “Why not … You can tell this as Handful of Sand. Is it not..?
Sarvangya Bhattan accepted his defeat to our young Parasaran and came to know about his family and exclaimed that ‘paRappadhan kutti thavazhumO”? (ie, Will the offspring of that which flies just crawl?)

2. Srirangamaa ….?! ParamaPadamaa….?!

Once during the Kaisika Ekadesi day, he was talking about Kaisika Purana to Lord Namperumal. He gave a number of meanings for each phrase in the purana. Namperumal in ecstasy gave HIS garland, HIS clothes, HIS jewels, and HIS throne. Till not being satisfied with that, Namperumal offered Battar ParamaPadam. And Bhattar gratefully accepted it.

But later, Bhattar told Namperumal that if he didn’t see the
Divine feet pressed on the lotus flower
Divine hand that removes fear
Divine Crown
Divine Smile,
Divine Face with rich Fairness and Beauty
Divine Kasturi Thilakam on the forehead
of the LORD in Paramapadam (as seen in Namperumal), then would rip a hole in a corner of Paramapadam and jump down and come back. (to Srirangam)”. This shows the affinity he had with Namperumal and Srirangam.

3. Pillai Peru Adaintha Perumalum Thayarum….

Once when Battar walked in to see Namperumal and Thayar who were behind a curtain /screen, amperumal asked Battar to ‘Not to disturb as HE wanted to be in Ekantha (ie. alone) with Thayar. Battar immediately left the Temple.
Later Namperumal enquired Battar, “What did you think, when I told you to leave..?”
Battar immediately replied that “I came to saw Azhwan and Andal (i.e., My Parents), but I saw Perumal and Piraatiyar (King and Queen) there”.
Namperumal recognized Battar’s line of thought and responded that “From now on, you can think ME and THAYAR as AZHWAN and ANDAL ie, (your Parents)”.

4. Karunai Kangal Enge!

Once Namperumal showed Battar with his Mohini AlankAram (ie., Dressed like HIS female counterpart  THAYAR).
He asked Bhattar to tell opinion on HIS AlankAram?
Bhattar replied “O Lord! Everything is perfect. You look exactly like Thayar, but you can never be THAYAR in one aspect …”
Namperumal was annoyed and thought why Battar was telling like this. Then HE asked him what was missing…
Battar replied “You do not have the same merciful look in your eyes as THAYAR.”

With enjoying such a close intimacy with Namperumal and Thayar, Battar attained Paramapadam.
When his twin brother SriramaPillai(VedaVysya Battar) went to Namperumal and cried about Battar demise which made him lonely, Namperumal told him that “It is WE who lost Bhattar. But WE are here for you. So do not worry”.  


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