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                    Panguni Uthiram – The greatest day for the Srivaishnavaites.

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Today, the Panguni Utthiram day, is the most auspicious day for all of us. The one time event of the year, the unison of Divine Couple (Divya Dhampathis) for the sake of their children will be re-enacted on this day.

PeriyapirAtiAr, Goddess Sri Ranganayaki, whose mercy is like a boundless ocean (since She is ‘ksheera-samuthra rAja DhanyAm’), whose ‘tEjus’ is like a torch(Nanda Villaku) (‘lOkaiga deepAnkurAam’) that removes our ignorance, combined with another boundless ocean of mercy, Her ‘Malarmarban’, Lord Sri Ranganatha, on this day removes all the obstacles in the path to attain the eternal bliss.

After indulging in a small quarrel, called ‘Pranaya Kalagam’, with Lord Sri Ranganatha, which is considered to be a clash between ‘JeevAthmA’ with ‘ParamAthmA’ Lordess Sri Ranganayaki will join with Lord Sri Ranganatha.

Today, on behalf of all the ‘JeevAthmAs’, out of her abundant mercy, She Herself became like a ‘JeevAthmA’ complaining about the ‘ParamAthmA’s attitudes (which is always pure and absolute love towards Jeevathmas) and finally settled by the intervention of swAmi Sri NammAzhwAr.

The word ‘SRI:’ has got so many significances. The main six meanings, as elaborated in ‘Srimath Rahasya Thrya Saram’ are:

1) ‘NamperumALai AdaigirAL’ : She always resides in the Heart of NamperumAL.
2) ‘NamperumAlidum chEthananai adaivikirAL: She brings Her devotees to reach the Lotus Feet of NamperumAL.
3) Ketkiral: She mercifully hears our pathetic crying.
4) Ketpikiral: She makes the Lord to hear our pathetic crying.
5) EmperumAnai adayamudiyAthu irukum pApangaLai thavirkiral (Prapthi Virothi Nirasanum): She removes all the obstacles of jeevAthmAs in attaining the paramAthma.
6) EmperumAnidam saraNadayavaikiraL: She makes us surrender to NamperumAL. This is one of the reasons for Sri Ramanuja to surrender himself with his ‘Gadyathrayam’ on the day of Panguni Uthiram.

I am sure, if we worship today, we will definitely be most blessed by ‘The Divine Couple’.

Those who can not worship in person, please read the ‘Gadyathryam’, or atleast the ‘Sri Ranga-Gadyam’ – offer some food/fruits/sweets to Our Lord at Home and get divinely.

Astrologically, those who worship ‘The Divine Couple of Srirangam’ will lead a successful life with their life-partner without any misunderstanding and their children
will also be very affectionate towards them lifelong.


                                    Panguni Uthiram – 6th day 
                                                   (29th Mar’2007)

Namperumal Serthi-seva with Goddess Sri Kamalavalli of Woraiyur.

During this Brahmotsavam, Namperumal’s mercy is limitless. This was the auspicious occasion chosen by Sri Ramanuja to dedicate his work ‘Gadya-trayam’ and surrendered himself to The Lord. Namperumal’s grace flows abundantly, especially when He is with Periya Priatti

‘Sri Ranganayaki’ or with ‘Sri Kamalavalli’.

Goddess Kamalavalli is the queen, not only of Woraiyur, but of the entire universe. She is of
matchless beauty and showers her mercy on all her devotees. She was born in a lotus in ‘Kamala
Pushkarani’ and brought up by the King Sri Dharma-varma of the chola dynasty, who did a great ‘Tapas’ for bringing the Sri Ranga Vimana to Srirangam.

Goddess Kamalavalli had chosen ‘Sri Ranganatha’ as her bride-groom and did a continuous ‘Tapas’ to attain Him. She succeeded in her ‘Tapas’ during this month on the auspicious day with nakshtra ‘Aiyilyam’ (aslesha) in the month of Meena (Panguni). She is the most perfect match for our Namperumal and we are blessed to have darshan in person.

Goddess Kamalavalli is in ‘Veera-asana’ and faces North. Generally North-facing deities have
enormous power. Goddess Kamalavalli is great in fulfilling our righteous desires. Those who are tired in finding their match, will get a good bride if they worship ‘Kamalavalli’ thrice on the occasion of the day with ‘Aslesha’ Nakshtram. People sufferring from ‘Raaghu’ or ‘Kethu’ influences will be relieved if they worship here during ‘Aslesha’.

Woraiyur is also the birth place of the great ‘Thirupanazwar’. Two Azwars – ‘Kulasekarazwar’ and ‘Thirupanazwar’ have sung about this Holy place. This is the Second Divyakshetram out of 108 vaishnavaite Divyakshetrams.

I request all of you to have the pleasure of worshipping this place during this festival or atleast
any day of their visit to Trichy.

Woraiyur is 3 kilometers from Trichy Junction and 7 kilometers from Srirangam.

                       Panguni Uthiram – 3rd Day-Jeer Puram

The Lord out of sympathy for us decided to stay in Srirangam and make it His permanent abode. This festival took place in the ‘Krutha Yuga’ (3 yugas before). Even today, this ‘Adi Brahmotsavam’ is being celebrated in Srirangam temple in the month of Panguni (March/April). During the course of this ‘Adhi Brahmotsavam’ on the 3rd day festival, The Lord graces a place called ‘Jeer Puram’ about 10 kilometers from Srirangam. A peculiar incident taken place on this day at the above place.

Many many years before, an ardent lady devotee of Lord Sri Ranganathan lived in
this place. She had a teen-aged grand-son. She named him ‘Ranga’. On the practice of
calling her grand son, she used to utter “Ranga, Ranga” atleast 100 times a day.
Everytime she utters “Ranga” she will feel as if she is drinking the Celestial Nectar,
(‘En annikum amudhuuram’ as Thirupanazwar had put it) While it was so, one fine morning,

her grand son ‘Rangan’, had his shave and then went to the river Kaveri for having his bath. Unexpectedly and unfortunately, there was a sudden rush of the floods , and the boy was washed away.

That ‘Ranga-Devotee’ lady was eagerly expecting the return of his pet grandson.
The clock only was missing, it was nearing 12 ‘o’ clock. She was very much feared at
the non-return of the boy. She began to cry out uttering ‘Ranga, Ranga’. Some more
time passed away, her agony increased, she could not contain her deep anguish and wept
out very loudly.

The Lord was very much moved by her pathetic state and atonce stood before her,
in the form of her grand-son particularly with ‘shaved head’. On seeing his bewitching
face that lady carried that boy in her hands, embarrassed him several times, hugged him,
kissed his cheeks, began to enquire the reasons for his late return.

That ‘Divine-Rangan’ began to say ‘Grandma! I am hungering badly. Kindly
give me some food’. Every day in the morning she used to supply ‘Cool-rice’ (the
previous day’s rice soaked in water) with the side dish tender-mangoes (called
‘Mavadu’.in tamil). Accordingly she served cool-rice with mavadu. He intook it and it
was very tasty and delicious. Within few hours, He disappeared.

The lady was taken aback at the sudden disappearance of the boy and began to
weep, simultaneously, her real grand-son (who somehow managed to escape from the
flood by the mercy of The Lord) came to the house and stood before her grand mother
and said to her ‘Grandma! I am hungering, please supply with the cold-rice’. Realizing
that boy must be Lord Ranganath and not her grand-son, she raced to the temple
at once and prostrated before the lord several times, weeping loudly ‘O! Ranga! How
gracious you are, to appear before this humble self, in the form of my grand-son with
shaved head and eat the cold-rice with ‘mavadu’. So saying, she fell on the floor. She
was then lifted up by the devotees there and they were all amazed at the Lord by His
‘Bhaktha Paradeenathvum’.

To mark that wonderful event, even today on the 3rd day of the ‘Adhi-
Brahmotsavam’ when the Lord graces “Jeer Puram”, The Lord is placed underneath the
small pandal (a tent, erected for this purpose) and this tent is called ‘Ammayar Thannir
Pandal’ and Namperumal is being offered “cold-rice with mavadu” as the first-prasad.

This is interesting speciality of today (Panguni Uttiram 3rd day) festival.

   //All Glories to Lord Sri Ranganatha//


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