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                   19 TH MAY’2008 – SWAMI NAMAZHWAR THIRUNAKSHTRAM 

                                   NANILLAM POTTRUM NAMAZHWAR

One and only Azhwar who was fondly called as Nam Azhwar by NamPerumal is enough to say who he is …. Is it not!

His Profile:
NamAzhwar was born in “Vellalar Kulam” on the 43rd day of kali yuga under the star “Vishakha” in the month of Vaikasi in vasantha ruthu, in the year of Pramadhi. He was the incarnation of Viswaksena. He was born in Thiru kurugoor to Kariyar and Udayanangayar.
They named him as MARAN as he was different from general human nature. It will be difficult to believe when we come to know that NamAzhwar was in deep meditation for 16 years without any food and water under a Tamarind Tree in ThiruKurugoor Adinathar Temple.
It was MaduraKavi Azhwar who broke NamAzhwar’s silence and made him to spell the nectar, the great philosophy of Vaishanavism and the Great Literary Work ‘THIRUVAIMOZHI’.
NamAzhwar lived only for a brief spell of thirty-five years.
Name Flags of NamAzhwar:

NamAzhwar is called by many names for the reasons as mentioned below:

 Maran – as he was different from other Human Beings when born

 SadaGopan – as he kept Ignorance away from him

 VakulaBharanar – as he was welcomed by Lord of Sri-Nagari by Vakula Flowers

 Parankusan – as he revealed his knowledge like a wielder weapon of Lord Vishnu

 Krishna-Trishna – as he was born just 43 days after LORD KRISHNA’s Vaikunta Prevesam and after commencement of Kaliyuga. Also for his love towards LORD KRISHNA.

 Prapanna-Jana-Kootastar – as he is the head of Prapannas.

 Vedam Thazmigh Seiyda Maran – as his 4 literary works are none other than the meanings of Vedas

His Literary Works:

NamAzhwar is the prophet of Dravidian Vedas. He sang
Tiruviruttam [100 verses] – Rig Veda Saram
Tiruvai mozhi [1102 hymns] – Sama Veda Saram
Tiruvaciriyam [7 stanzas] – Yajur Veda Saram
Periya Tiruvandadi [87 verses] – Atharvana Veda Saram


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