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Sri Nadadur Ammal Thirunakshtram (Chitra-Chithirai)

(Shri Nadadur Ammal)

Nadathur Ammal, a Lion in the midst of Elephants as of SriBashya Lectures. But showered motherly affection towards PERARULALA PERUMAL, The Lord of Kanchi.

His Profile:

Sri Vaatsya Varadaguru was his birth name. He was born in the month of Chitirai in the star of Chitra. He was the illustrious son of Nadathur Azhwan. He attained the wealth of knowledge from Kanchi Perarulala Perumal and Engalazhvaan*. Being Nadathur Ammal’s Acharaya, Engalazhvaan was called as AmmalAcharaya.

*(Refer ‘Engalazhvaan’ in this site under Archives) .

Because of his kindness towards The Lord Sri Perarulalan in Kanchipuram, the adjective “Ammal” was added to his native and henceforth called as “Nadathur Ammal”. His prominent disciple was Vag Vijayi Bhattar.

His Literary Works:

He is a great scholar and left behind 15 literary works to the world :

1. Tattvasaara
2. Prapannapaarijaata
3. Prameyamaala
4. Aahnikacuudaamanih
5. Aaraadhanakramah
6. Prameyasaarah
7. Mangalaas’aasanam
8. Jnaanasaara
9. Jyayantidarpanam
10. Hetiraajastavah
11. Rahasyasangrahah
12. Caturlakshanasangrahah
13. Paratattvanirnayah
14. Dramidopainishatsangrahah
15. Sribhaashyasangrahah

Desikanum NadathurAmmalum:
From Nadathur Ammal’s life, we come to know the special attachment he had for Sri Vedantha Desikan, when the later was a child.

Swami Desikar (called as Venkatanatha ) at the age of five, happened to hear the Sri Bhashya discourse rendered by Sri Nadathur Ammal. Venakatanatha was looking at his best, as usual with his divine grace sporting with a Rakudi (Jewel on back head). Swami’s beauty impressed Sri Nadathur Ammal, who stopped the discourse to bless the kid.

After that, Sri Nadathur Ammal was unable to resume the discourse as he found to have forgotten the text where he left.

Little Venkatanatha was quick to remind Sri Nadathur Ammal the context of Sri Bashyam. Moved by this gesture, Ammal was impressed by this child prodigy
and blessed Venkatanatha as follows:

Pratisthapita –Vedantah !
Prati-kshipta-bahirmatha !
Bhuyas-trai-vidya-maanyas-tvam !
Buri kalyana-bhajanam !!

Realising the divinity in Swami Desikan, Ammal directed him to establish Vedanta on a firm basis and to refute the doctrines of opponents.


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