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Kaisika Ekadasi (21st Nov’ 2007)



                                                        KAISIKA EKADESI @ Srirangam


Kaisika Ekadesi is celebrated in the Tamil Month of KArthigai on the succeeding Ekadesi in the Sukla Paksham.

This is named after the Kaisika Puranam which is 48th Chapter in Sri Varaha Puranam. The facts unfold as below:

TiRukarungudi Deity Nambi used to listen to the ghAnam of a great bhkatA called NampAduvAn. He was born in chandala kulam. On every Kaisika Dwadesi day, Nambaduvan, used to sing for THE Lord at Thirukurungudi.

The main incident is of Nambaduvan being confronted by a Brahma Rakshasa. This Rakshasa used to be a Brahmin by the name of Soma-Sharma. He committed some grave mistakes during a Yagam and was cursed by which he became a Brahma Rakshasa.

One year while on the way to Thirukurungudi, Nambaduvan was confronted by the Brahma Rakshasa.The dialogue between the two;

(1) How the Rakshasa allows for Nambaduvan to go to sing for the LORD
(2) 18 phrases Nambaduvan describes as sins which are crusiful
(3) Nambaduvan was stopped by Nambi (THE LORD) himself for self offering to Rakshasa
(4) Nambaduvan denied the request of LORD, as to keep up his promise.
(5) Then how Nambaduvan saved the Rakshasa from the curse.

were detailed in this Kaisika Purana.

Kaisika Ekadesi at Srirangam:
After many thousands of years, on a Kaisika Dwadesi day Sri Parasara Bhattar (about 900 yrs ago) chanted the Kaisika Puranam before NAMPERUMAL (with his vyakhyanam (explanations).
Lord was immensely pleased and this chanting as rendered by Sri Parasara bhattar is the tradition in Srirangam.
To this day the direct descendants of Sri Parasara Bhattar Swami chant Kaisika Puranam on Kaisika Ekadesi day to the LORD at Srirangam.

Nuts and Bits:
 Namperumal wears the Weather Cap (Pani Kullai) – first Time in the year.
 Namperumal get himself presented at Arjuna Mandapam.
 Namperumal is offered with 365 Shawls with Aarathi and Sodasa Upacharam
 Namperumal spends sleepless night to hear Parasara Battar Vyakhyanam for Kaisika Puranam.
 Namperumal is offered with a gentle Karpoora Padiyetham* on the Kaisika Dwadesi day.
 Sri Parasara Battar is offered with BrahamaRatham to eternal abode.
* Scented Camphor Powder mixed with flowers is sprinkled over Namperumal when he ascends the Western Stairs leading towards Sanctum Sanctorum.

THE KING decides on a King:

During the Vijayanagar Emperor’s period, hearing about the Karpoora Padiyetha Seva performed at Srirangam, King VijayaRenga Sookanathar with his family, came to Srirangam to have darshan of THE LORD’s Seva.

Since he was late by seconds, the occasion was over and the temple authorities told that it can be performed only the next year.

Taken aback by surprise, the king decided to stay back in Srirangam for a year and had the same darshan of the Kapoora Padiyethem the next year. 

When King of Kings (NAMPERUMAL) had made a KING to keep away his kingdom to get Darshan of HIS Karpoora Padiyetha Seva, who are we to keep away from it??


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