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pushye punarvasoo dhine jaatam govinda desikam |
raamanuja padaambojathvanthva pravanamaanasam ||

At MaduraMangalam(Mazhalai Mangalam), in a Krodhana Year, Makara(Thai)Month, Paurnami(FullMoon) day, Monday(SomVaar), Punarvasu Star to SriKamalaNayana Bhattar, a male child was born and named after by his uncle Sri Peria Tirumalai Nambigal as “SRI GOVINDAN”. After all the proper rituals of a brahmin, both the cousin brothers; SriElayazhwar(SriRamanuja) and SriGovindan(Sri Embar) were taught vedanta by YadavaPrakaasar at Tiruputkuzhi.

Later, SriGovindan protects SriElayazhwar at the time of Ganga Yatra, from the execution plan of YadavaPrakasar with his other sishyas who feared that there might be an end to the Advaita Philosophy by SriElayazhwar.
At the time of bathing in the Ganges, Sri Govindan got a ShivLingam and by the devious advice of YadavaPrakasar, he was changed as a Shaivite and named as “Ullangai Konarndha Nayanaar”. He gained the control of Kalahasthi Temple from the Lord there.

After some period, by the request of some SriVaishnavites, Sri TirumalaiNambigal by the alavandar’s srisookthi of “Svabavika Anavathika disayesithruthvam….” and the azhwar’s pasuram of “Embermanukkallal poovum poosanaium thagumo”(Flowers and Worship is only worthful to SriHari). By the words of SriTirumalai Nambigal, he(Ullangaikonarndha Nayanar-SriGovindan) threw the flower basket and cut the rudraksha from his neck fell in the feet of SriTirumalaiNambigal and regretted for his past life. Then by the divine grace of Sri Tiruvengadamudaiyan, he again changed as SriVaishnavite by Sri Nambigal.

Then he did kainkaryams to SriTirumalai Nambigal. One night, he prepared the bed for Sri Nambigal and lied down on that. Heard this action, Sri Nambigal asked about this to Sri Govindan. He replied that “I know I’ll get the position in hell, but I checked there is no trouble or disturbing things in the bed for you swami”. Sri Nambigal was wondered by his Acharya Bakthi. One day at the garden, Sri Udayavar saw SriGovindan put his hand into the mouth of the snake. He asked him about this. Sri Govindan said “there is a spine stitched in its tongue, I took that”. Sri Ramanuja wondered about his kindness towards all things.

Came to know his staunchness in the bakthi towards Sriman Narayana and detachment in the life with his wife, Sri Ramanuja named Sri Govindan as Sri Embar.

After the birth of two sons to Sri Koorathazhwan, Sri Ramanuja asked Sri Embar to brought those two sons. Sri Embar gave the two sons in the hands of SriRamanuja. Seeing the faces of both the children and asked about the brightness to Sri Embar.

Being the Acharya to SriParasara Bhattar and SriVedaVyasa Bhattar, he lived a long by spreading the SriBashyam of Sri Ramanuja and Explanatory comments of Paasurams.

“Raamanuja Padacchaaya Govindahva anapayinee |
Thatha yattha svaroopaasa jeeyaan madhvisramasthalee ||”


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