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Sriman Mathurakavi Nandavanam

at Srirangam

Sri Mathura Kavi’s Flower Garden

“All the flowers in this garden are meant for adorning Sri Ranganatha only. For no reason should these flowers be sold outside. If there is a shortage of flowers they can be brought outside, any excess (flower) from the garden after adorning Sri Rangan should be thrown in to Cauvery (So that it’s not used for any other purpose apart from adorning Sri Rangan and his consort)”. – This is the will of a great devotee by the name Sri Mathura Kavi.

True to his wish and will even today there are a few dedicated people who maintain this Flower Garden whose flowers are used to garland only Sri Ranganthan. With out expecting any in return and adhering to a strict austere life of having only two meals a day , avoiding even tiffin, tea & coffee they are doing this beautiful yeoman service to Sri Ranganthar.

A short visit to the place one can truly sense that the garden has been divinely graced by Sri Ranganathan and his beloved consort Sri Ranganayaki. There service is next only to our Acharyar’s and Azhwar’s, perhaps it’s only because of such noble souls that the earth is still patiently bearing us.

To learn more about Madhura Kavi please visit this URL

திரு ஆர். வீ. ஸ்வாமியின் மதுரகவிகள் பற்றிய மதுரமான கவி


Please click the following picture to see the entire view and the dedicated souls of this Nandavanam

Sriman MathuraKavi Nandavanam



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