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During the Invasion by the Unknown Rulers on South India in the 12th and 13th Centuries in the intention of looting our temples, our SampradhAyam was protected by great AchAryaas. Although the Srirangam Temple was defended at a great cost and the nithyArAdhanam was reinstated, few temples in and around were not fortunate. Those ruins at these sites remind us of the tragedies of those days. One such temple is brought to your notice in this note.

I am exchanging my views and through this Medium of communication with you (of Namperumal Bakthas) all.


At the outset, we come across many socio-cultural errors made in the history. On the curst, we blame the erroneous people alone. But when we anlayse closer, we conclude that the environmental factors which staged such errors, who brain stormed such incidences, who didn’t even bothered to raise voice against such incidence till now, who never come forward to rectify those effects of such errors, are all to be blamed.

Keeping the above factors in mind, we can look into this aspect also. The socio-cultural behavior of the inhabitants of a place is mainly dependent on the hub of the place. For instance, if there is a temple as the hub of all activities, people will have in faith & fear to GOD. In case if it is otherwise, ie., a club house of anti social activities, then… it is not required to explain. But, can u imagine, what if the hub is a ruined temple ……?

Of course, the soul source (outcome) of this note is based on one such flourished Vishnu temple which was ruined by the invaders of South India in the past and still in the same stage crossing centuries after centuries, which is alarming.

Azhagia Manavalam is a village near Trichy, (Located on the banks of Coleroon). Gopura Patti is a hamlet situated nearly 2KM from Azhagia Manavalam. A Vishnu temple, which once might have been built with great craftsmanship and flourished, was ruined by the invaders with an impression that Srirangam Namperumal would have been fortified / safe guarded there. The heart-pricking factor is that, still the hamlet and the temple are in same wreckages.

Are there any such worshiping places of other religions in such rubbles…? Whom to blame now…? Invaders! or our own ancestors who maintained such leftovers unnoticed…!

Known these factors…? Will we act…?

Click herefor seeing the wreckages of Gopura Patti (A symbol of our negligence over centuries)


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