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Forthcoming events at Srirangam

Thirukatchinambigal Varush Satrumurai – 27/02/15
Kulasekarazhwar Varush Satrumurai – 01/03/15
 Naperumal Thirupalliyoda Thiruvizha (Theppa Utsavam) 21/02/15 to 01/03/15
Utsava details
Theppa thirunal Utsava details
Day Date Kaalai Maalai
1 21/02/2015 - Hamsa vahanam
2 22/02/2015 Pallakku  Hanumantha vahanam
3 23/02/2015 Pallakku  Karpaga vritcham
4 24/02/2015 Pallakku Velli Garuda vahanam
5 25/02/2015 Pallakku Erratai prabhai vahanam
6 26/02/2015 Pallakku Yanai vahanam
7 27/02/2015 - Upaya natchiyarudan Purapadu
8 28/02/2015 - Theppam
9 29/02/2015 Pallakku Panthakkatchi-Othai Praphai

Kindly click the following link for pictures:

16.02.15 – Sri Manavalamamunigal Thiruvathyayana utsavam at Srirangam
Sri Manavalamamunigal, Srirangam – Namperumal Acharian
The following link gives a brief details of this utsavam- This article was written by Sri.U.Ve,Sathabishkagam Govinda Narasimhachariar Swami, Srirangam:


Bhupathi thirunal – 25.01.15 to 04.02.15

Kindly click the following links for pictures :



Namperumal Athyayana Utsavam – 22.12.14 to 10.01.15

Facebook link:

Kindly click the following link for photos taken during Namperumal Pagal Pattu utsavam – 22nd to 31st Dec 2014

Kindly click the following link for photos taken during Namperumal Erapattu utsavam – 01st to 10th Jan 2015

Pictures kind courtesy: Sri Elangovan Ramalingam


16.01.15 – Namperumal Kanu parivettai




15.01.15 – Namperumal Sangaranthi (Pongal) purapadu


Namperumal Thirukarthikai Purapadu – 06.12.14

04.10.14 – Vijayadasmi – Namperumal purapadu
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Uriyadi Utsavam – 17/09/14 – Namperumal and Sri Krishnar Purapadu


Pictures/articles published in this page earlier  have been moved to Gallery page.

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The following links give Swami Emberumanar aruliulla Gathyathrayam: (In Tamil Bold letters) 
Kind courtesy: Puthur Sri U.Ve.Raghuraman swami (Balaji)


Azhwargalum 108 divyadesamum The following link gives a chart showing a list of  108 divya desangals and who did mangalasasanam for each divya desam. This also gives total number of mangalasasana pasurams for each divya desam with azhwargalwise breakup. The details are taken out from Nalayara Divya  Prabantha book published by Puthur swami. Event though everyone knows about this earlier, adiyen prepared this chart  in a tabular format so that it will be easy for us to read. Azhwargalum 108 Divya desamum – Koil Athan file


Kindly click the following links for photos taken during the festivals at Srirangam :

Namperumal Pagalpathu Utsavam – 14.12.12 to 23.12.12 Namperumal Erapathu Utsavam – 24.12.12 to 02.01.13 Sri Paramapathanathar Sannidhi, Sri Andal, Srirangam-16.12.12 to 13.01.13

Namperumal Boopathy Thirunal Utsavam – 18.01.13 to 28.01.13 

Namperumal Theppa Thirunal Utsavam – 13.02.13 to 21.02.13 Namperumal Aathi Brahmothsavam -18.03.2013 to 27.03.2013 Viruppan Thirunaal utsavam – 29.04.13 to 09.05.13


Pictures/articles published in this page have been moved to Gallery page.


திருக்கையிலே பிடித்த திவ்யாயுதங்களும்,

வைத்தஞ்சல் என்ற கையும், கவித்த முடியும்,முகமும்

முறுவலும்,ஆஸநபத்மத்திலேயழுத்தின திருவடிகளுமாய்

நிற்கிற நிலையே நமக்கு தஞ்சம்”




Thayar Muthangi sevai 

Sri Kamalavali Thayar, Uriayur  

Sri Maragadavalli Thayar, Thiruputkuzi

Sri Nilamangai Thayar, Thirukkadalmallai

Sri Vedavalli Thayar, Thiruvallikeni

Picture kind courtesy: Sri.V.P.Ravi swami

Sri Pushpavalli Thaayaar, Poonamallee

Picture kind courtesy: Sri.E.Narayanan swami, Thiruvallikeni

10 comments on “Events Today

  1. Respected swamin,

    request please advice for getting old print outs of pesum arangam

    thanks and regards


  2. For Sr citizens, and physically handicapped Bhakthas, desirous of worshiping Divyadesa – Emberumans,, but deprived of their desire, are now able to have wonderful dharshan thro these channels to their immense pleasure, is something Great

  3. respected swamin,

    your contribution, explanation on PESUM ARANGAM in respect of PADUKA SAHASRAM fantastic and it has created wonders in my life.
    once again I suggest that to share all articles on PADUKA sahasram to enable to read, enjoy and understand better.
    is it possible to get nalvaram tharum sri padukasahasram by your beloved respected father.
    thanks and regareds
    v pattabiraman

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